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F5 101 Exam Study Guide

Passed my 101 exam today, here some material that I used to accomplished my exam, actually you can get a blueprint of the exam material here.

Section 1: OSI

The first section of the exam concentrates on some basic networking concepts, working up the OSI model from the bottom, you need to know detail of the protocol and services present on each layer.

Objective 1.01 Explain, compare, and contrast the OSI layers

Objective 1.02 Explain protocols and technologies specific to the data link layer

Objective 1.03 - Explain protocols and apply technologies specific to the network layer

Objective 1.04 - Explain the features and functionality of protocols and technologies specific to the transport layer

Objective 1.05 - Explain the features and functionality of protocols and technologies specific to the application layer

 Section 2 - F5 Solutions and Technology

In this section, we get into the actual F5 Solutions.

Objective 2.01 - Articulate the role of F5 products

Objective 2.02 - Explain the purpose, use and advantages of iRules

Objective 2.03 - Explain the purpose, use and advantages of iApps

Objective 2.04 - Explain the purpose, use and advantages of iControl 

Objective 2.05 - Explain the purpose of and use cases for full proxy and packet forwarding / packet based architectures

Objective 2.06 - Explain the advantages and configurations of high availability (HA)

Section 3 - Load Balancing Essentials

Objective 3.01 - Discuss the purpose of, use cases for, and key considerations related to load balancing

Objective 3.02 - Differentiate between a client and a server

Section 4 - Security

Objective 4.01 - Compare and contrast positive and negative security models

Objective 4.02 - Explain the purpose and cryptographic services

Objective 4.03 - Describe the purpose and advantages of authentication

Objective 4.04 - Describe the purpose, advantages and use cases of IPsec and SSL VPN

Section 5 - Application Delivery Platforms

Objective 5.01 - Describe the purpose, advantages, use cases, and challenges associated with hardware-based application delivery platforms and virtual machines

Objective 5.02 - Describe the purpose of the various types of advanced acceleration techniques

So there you have it. I hope this material could help you to pass the F5 Application Delivery Fundamental Exam.


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